Community Kidz News

Suggestions are always helpful.  Please leave a note on the sign in cart your thoughts or suggestions on the following 5 topics:

1. Children's Activities: What do you like/dislike?  Why do you attend/not attend?  How much can you spend per child in your household on an activity?  Are there too many/not enough suggestions? Do you invite your kid's friends? If not, why?

2. Wacky Wednesday: What do you like/dislike?  Why do you attend/not attend?  Do you use the take-home papers?  Do you discuss what is done with your class with your kids?  Do you invite your neighbor's kids?  If not, why?

3.  Advertising: What is the best way to communicate with you?  Do you check the website?  Is a sign-up sheet helpful?  Do you read the newsletter?  Do you read the dry erase board in the hallway?  Do you invite your friends' kids?  If not, why?

4.  Jr.  Church: What do you like/dislike?  What do you think about the time they spend in "big church"?  Is this the only time your kids are at church?  Why?  Do you discuss what they do in class with them?

5.  Is there any other way we could connect with your kids?  What does your expectation of children's ministry look like?  What else might be helpful to your family to get you talking about God together?  How can the church better support your family?

Any feedback you can offer is good.  I don't need your name unless you want to make it available.  Mostly, we are searching for how to grow and change the offerings to children that would best fit your families' time and commitment level.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.