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Meals On Wheels

"I'm elderly, arthritic and dislike cooking.  I used to eat mostly peanut butter sandwiches.  Then someone told me I was eligible for Meals on Wheels.  I had thought they were only for low income people.   I looked into it.  My lucky day!  Now I eat well balanced, varied hot meals that are regularly delivered to me by people who make me feel that what they like best in life is bringing good food to the likes of me."  Mrs. M....Vestal

Remain healthy and happy in your own home.  Order Meals on Wheels today.  For more info call: 754-7856.

For more info on Meals on Wheels go to

Meals on Wheels

Empty Ink Cartridges

We are collecting unwanted empty ink cartridges.  If you would like to donate yours to the church, you can drop them off to the church office.  We will receive a $3 credit from Staples for every cartridge we return to them.  This credit will go toward the purchase of office supplies.

Cans For Camp

We strive throughout the year to offset the cost of camp by an ongoing can and bottle drive.  If you have redeemable bottles and cans that you would like to donate, please bag them up and leave them inside the furnace room which is located to the right of the doors entering the education wing.  Thank you for your ongoing support!