Check in Policy - What to do

Check in Policy Procedures

  1. Fill out a student profile for each child, providing basic contact information for your family so that we can better communicate with you (one time only, we'll keep them on file).
  2. Sign your child in when you arrive at the cart in the classroom hallway and get your child's badge.  We will escort them to class.
  3. When HOPE Group is over, your child will be waiting for you in the foyer so you can go to worship as a family.
  4. If you are arriving for the first time for the day, just before worship, sign your child in then and get their badge, the cart will be in the foyer at that time.
  5. All of the children will be dismissed from worship as a group after Pastor Dan prays with them for Jr. Church.
  6. At that time, all children should have a badge on (indicating they are checked in), any children without a badge wll be asked to hang out with Julie Skojec while we get their parents to come out to the foyer and sign them in.
  7. Pick your child up from Jr. Church, and sign them out at the cart in the classroom hallway, leaving their badge for the next time.
  8. On Wednesday night sign your child in at the cart in the classroom hallway and get your child's badge.  The cart will be close to the classroom so they can just go  in once they have their badge.
  9. When you leave on Wednesday, sign your child out and leave their badge for next time.  Again, the cart will be right there by the classroom.